Serving the Specialty Tea Market for more than 35 years

We believe high-quality ingredients, exceptional taste, and more than 35 years of hands-on experience are what make Teavine teas one-of-a-kind. Tea-making is an art, studied and perfected over many years. Our tea experts, tasters, and growers have a rich history in tea creation and tea production. We loving creating new and tailor-made blends based on our consumers’ interests, tastes, and our life-long connections in the tea industry.

Whether you’re looking to experiment with new and robust tea flavors, delicate and fruity flavors, or hoping for a new go-to favorite, check out our wide selection of both black and herbal teas.

Our Promise to You

We love what we do at Teavine and enjoy hearing from our loyal customers. You mean the world to us!
If you’re looking for a particular flavor or flavor combination, or have a specific tea request, never hesitate to contact us.


100% Organic

For organic tea it must be grown without harmful fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides or pesticides, and it has to meet a strict set of agricultural requirements.


Always Fresh

We create organic tea blends using only the finest organic ingredients designed to deliver unique flavor experiences, preserve their health benefits, and deliver them fresh to you.


Fair Trade

Tea is one of the healthiest, most versatile drinks on the planet: whether hot or iced, black or green, chai or mint, loose or bagged, it’s an herbal shot of antioxidants that you can enjoy all year with nothing but water.


High Quality

Your palate will thank you after a cup of our rich, full-bodied teas that capture the essence of whole tea leaves.

Only The Best Quality of Tea

All our tea ingredients and raw materials are sourced by expert tea tasters and growers. Once selected, these ingredients are made available to our tea master.

Our tea master combines each ingredient in exact proportions, blending them to create perfectly well-rounded, delicious teas. Each tea combination not only marries well but delivers a spectacular overall taste

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